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[1: 2,012 of 10,000] Joy Maker

In Review on November 13, 2020 at 9:36 PM
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I’m currently reading the Stargirl book, it’s meant for teenagers but it was calling me to read it. I saw it first as a movie also with the same title Stargirl and it was played by Grace VanderWaal who is a singer, songwriter, and plays ukulele. Side note before seeing the movie, I knew Grace from seeing her on YouTube as a contestant of Americas Got Talent when she was 12 years old and purchased her music from iTune.

Grace VanderWaal is a perfect fit to play Stargirl because she believes in miracle and she said it during her audition. The movie made me cry, Stargirl is a living joy maker, who doesn’t follow the rules, and inspire people to believe in magic. The moment I finished the book, I searched who wrote the movie and it was then that I found out that it was based from a novel written by Jerry Spinelli.

I can attest that being a joy maker isn’t hard. It was close to my heart because every once in a while I embody being a secret Santa to someone even if it’s not Christmas. As a lightworker, I have the gift of feeling someone’s energy and I could tell if someone is coming from a place of fear or love. Where ever a person come from, I always want to create magic in someone’s life and make life extra ordinary. I like making surprises to show how someone is special and worth the care that usually comes with a gift.

When was the last time you’ve done something kind for someone without expecting anything in return? #WorldKindnessDay2020

[1: 1,999 of 10,000] Christmas Fever

In Journal on October 19, 2020 at 5:02 AM
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OSN (Dubai cable company) showed The Santa Clause (1994) during the weekend played by Tim Allen and then the next day The Santa Clause 2 (2002) was on and I got to watch them in the middle of October. I wonder if 3 will be up today. It feels so good watching a very heartwarming film and reminding human beings that magic exists.

Talking about magic or miracles, I did have the notion that it rarely happened that I disregard it, that it only exists in movies, or if I’m really very lucky then I’ll experience it without a doubt; but the Law of Attraction is also at play and I have a say about what happens in my life whether it’s a wish granted or sabotaging nightmare (it’s actually a life lesson for growth because all is well all the time). I’m always co-creating with the Universe and that on itself is a whole lot of magic. I’m accustomed to call magic only if what I’ve thought immediately appears right before my eyes, but the truth is I do make a wish but the only difference is I receive whatever is in vibrational alignment to myself or what I’m allowing to manifest in this three dimensional world.

I will always believe that magic is everywhere that I’m taking for granted. After seeing the documentary series One Strange Rock and hear the astronauts describe how vulnerable Earth can be then living here every day is already a miracle. The synchronicities surrounding me is also a sign that I’m being guided and loved by gentle forces that I don’t necessarily see but believed to exist.

What makes you believe in magic?

[1: 1,904 of 10,000] A Quiet Place

In Review on May 2, 2018 at 12:12 AM


In this scene, the daughter and father were arguing. It reminds me of my own father who wished to provide me with everything I wanted but couldn’t all the time and to be honest what I wanted were not really a necessity.

I went to the movie house expecting a horror film for “A Quiet Place” and I went out all teared up but the very end bit made me laugh because it was cheesy and a cliche but it was totally irrelevant of the movie’s total appeal.

The story and acting were amazing. I did expect that I will jolt every now and then because it’s a horror movie and this I believe is only the third horror movie that I was brave enough to see in a theater. The real surprise is the drama part, there were several scenes that broke my heart and automatically made my tear ducts unstoppable.

Spoiler alert! Whenever I remember the scene that the father sacrificed his life for the safety of his children and choosing that moment to tell his daughter how much he loves her in sign language, I still cry like a baby.

I really like the movie. Side note, the movie house was so quiet and full (I’ve seen it in Dubai Mall) I must say that I couldn’t eat my popcorn and dare make a sound.

[1: 1,892 of 10,000] Fear Emerging

In Article on August 26, 2017 at 11:28 PM

My sister said that we are watching a horror movie and she played “The Green Infierno”. I really don’t know what kind of horror will I expect then it started, the cannibalism that almost halt my heart from beating.

The Green Infierno

The leader of the tribe in this scene was going to nibble a fresh eyeball newly harvested from a screaming live man.

My mind was completely disturbed because my logical mind knew it could really happen. It made question my desire of eating meat. It build a fear not to travel in unknown places.

It was gruesome and I couldn’t even imagine myself eating another person. I experienced smelling a person burning, when we have cremated the remains of my mother,  it smells like a meat being barbecued but never at the point I will imagine that it will be tasty.

I hope that we will be kinder with one another. May we not bring suffering to another person either physically or even in other ways like verbal or emotional abuse. May we progress to socially live with others in a respectable way.

[1: 1,872 of 10,000] 10 Things About Passengers

In List on March 11, 2017 at 11:57 AM


Released in 2016 and expect spoiler in the below list!

  1. The ship is very chic especially the Gold class cabin. I like the stairs. I love the swimming pool, it got a great outer space view. I like that you get to roam around the space conveniently.
  2. What’s up with the class, creating a new world and still the hierarchy is there?
  3. Aurora’s clothes are soft, looks expensive, and flatters her even more.
  4. Great plot twists especially the Jim dilemma of waking Aurora. Amazing that the story was sustained by 4 characters and the ship. I also like the title, one word, and it encapsulated the whole story.
  5. It was a delight seeing the beautiful Chris and Jennifer on screen.
  6. Writer adores writing about a writer character. I wouldn’t wonder why.
  7. I wonder if living for 90 years have made Jim and Aurora consumed good amount of food that would leave other passengers to lose ration?
  8. The robot Arthur was loaded with great wisdom.
  9. My favorite line is from Aurora, she said, “If you live an ordinary life all you will have is ordinary stories.” I also like Jim’s enthusiasm for creating a new world, saying, “I see 5,000 people changing their lives for 5,000 different reasons.”
  10. It is a choice to kill oneself but it is not easy. It crossed my mind that I would like to end my life, I have no purpose or nothing to live for, but like Jim I will always hesitate. Is it because it is innate in human that it is natural to breathe until it is practically impossible. Are we all Jim who will take away a future of somebody or are we Jim who live the most out of life with the comfort of having a meaningful relationship with another human being?

[1: 1,853 of 10,000] Self-preservation Like Victoria Grayson’s Ultimate Drive

In Article, Journal on January 8, 2017 at 10:55 PM

w310_c-3301680864928234983.jpgMerriam Webster Dictionary defines Self-preservation as a natural or instinctive tendency to act so as to preserve one’s own existence.

It is a survival mechanism and the theme of a lot of movies especially when it involved a battle in whatever form. It is the ultimate bottom line reason of Victoria Grayson in the hit TV show Revenge.

It is very tempting to save face, to point the blame to someone, or to justify why I deserve more power, wealth, and fame than any body else or worst at the expense of someone.

Is selfless the antidote of the negative connotation of self-preservation? It could be, if selfless is done not because of self-inflicting suffering but to have honorary sacrifice. To devote oneself for the greater good and to spark a positive change just like the inspiration the great noble men have left us.

[1: 1,822 of 10,000] Hold On To The Tree

In Article, Journal on December 2, 2016 at 8:25 AM

In the movie Tallulah, there was a dialogue between Tallulah and her kind of mother-in-law Margo. The line of conversation goes about what if people defy gravity and get lifted up the ground and go towards the sky.

In the beginning of the movie Margo said that she will not hold on to anything and will let go. She has a great house and a decent career but personally she’s breaking because she just found out that her husband for a long time is gay and now living with his new male partner and then her son was aloft and gone missing. She has Tallulah, her sort of daughter-in-law, appearing in her front door with a baby, which initially she was told as her granddaughter only to find out that Tallulah actually stole the baby from an irresponsible mother.

Fast forward, at the end of the scene, Margo went to the park, and she defied gravity. At first she was at ease with the lift, floating to the air, touches the leaves and branches of the tree; but when she knew it could be the last time that she can hold on to any tree at all, she grabbed one branch and tried to hold on in panic.

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 8.10.50 AM.png

She holds on because she knew she has people in her life now that she can care and cares for her. She’s holding on because she believed she needed to be on Earth.

How about you? Will you hold on and why?

[1: 1,778 of 10,000] The Latest Bourne Movie

In Review on August 14, 2016 at 12:56 AM


I’ve always watched Jason Bourne in the cinema because I like the story, Matt Damon, and the thrill it brings.

The new movie wasn’t rich enough in terms of story. Matt and Tommy were still amazing actors, the action was okay, the cinematography is good, but the story was really a let down. It wasn’t gripping enough to keep you wanting for more or be thrilled to see it again. Alicia Vikander was a pretty actress but her character was forgettable. Vincent Cassel on the other hand was more memorable but still his story isn’t good enough.

The first three instalments were captivating and the fourth lost a better development of characters like Jason’s biological dad or a better problem to solve.

If you ask me if I’ll recommend you to watch it, if you’ve been watching Bourne then you’ll be disappointed so it is okay that you wait for it in cable television. If this is the first Bourne that you’ll watch, well I’m quite curious about what you think; but I would recommend that you better watch the last 3 movies so you wouldn’t be missing the best bits.

[1: 1,707 of 10,000] The Movie Characters and My Age

In Article, Review on May 13, 2016 at 10:08 PM

I watched the Sex and The City movies back-to-back. Quick review: I was disappointed about the Part 2, I didn’t like it because I didn’t believe it. I live in UAE and I know that they were not in Abu Dhabi, it doesn’t really reflect authenticity about the city so it ruined the sense of entertainment.

Setting aside my disappointment about the portrayal of everything Abu Dhabi, I just recognised myself laughing and seeing the characters. I understand their decisions and their points of view, because I am now 35. I still remember when I was a teenager, I am drawn to Dawson’s Creek and couldn’t really enjoy stories of older people (why will I follow the lives of my parents’ age); but now that I have experienced adulthood, I do appreciate them.

I tend to find similarities with others and it is comforting to find oh she felt that, that is REALLY difficult (I know, been there), now looked like a success to me, and so forth… Although, in another part, I do believe now that each of us is unique, both our joy and pain, and we couldn’t actually say we have identical experiences because it could never be; maybe a slight hint but not entirely.

One of the scenes that I will never forget is when Charlotte was so furious at Big. Saying “NO” with so much dignity, firmness, and anger. She was rooting for Carrie and Big and yet she knew when it was time to protect her friend.


[1: 1,679 of 10,000] I Question The Movie Picker

In Review on January 30, 2016 at 7:26 PM

The Good GirlI was glued on the television for hours and I watched all these movies, not the whole time and since it’s on television with advertisements then there were several expected deleted scenes:

  1. Revolutionary Road (2008)
  2. Hanging Up (2000)
  3. Major Movie Star (2008)
  4. Girl, Interrupted (1999)
  5. The Good Girl (2002)

Yay! The movie choice is a little disturbing because they all have major emotional issues except the cheesy #3, which was a well needed break. If I start writing a novel, should I be tapping a dark piece? I was scared that I am able to almost connect with each character. I am a littled disturbed of myself.

I like to write for entertainment and maybe introduce an emotion that was never obvious that was shoved within but will healthily get released. I maybe experiencing dark moods and depressed feelings to use it as material in the future writings.

Enough with the darkness, note to self, live life one day at a time and find what’s good.