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[1: 1,841 of 10,000] Speak Good

In Journal on December 26, 2016 at 10:20 PM


Are you tired of bad things happening around us?

Are you complaining about a close family member not doing well?

Are you pissed about an annoying friend?



Instead of saying the bad things, be a prophet and wish them well. Pray for the good things that you hope for them. You do love them right? It shouldn’t be so hard to focus on the good and wish only for more nice things to happen.

The world needs LOVE. The Food Network has a show called the Holiday Baking Championship and I’ve seen Season 2, which was lovely to watch because the competitors were kind with one another. They are not ruthless, cutthroat, or deceiving instead they truly enjoy baking sweets and were sweet with all the contestants. If only we do that in real life, this world is just lovely!

[1: 1,429 of 10,000] Stop Saying You Miss Me

In Poem on April 5, 2015 at 10:28 PM

Shall I cast a spell?
Where magic means good bye
In world that I couldn’t hurt you
And you wouldn’t hurt me

Why do you need to tell me you miss me?
How could I not genuinely say it back?
What does this mean?
Can’t you move on and I could?

It’s not complicated
You’re making it so
We should not be together
Please let me go

Stop saying you miss me
Before I fall in love all over again
Not at this point I can go on a day
Unable to paint your face in my memory

You were not meant for me
You couldn’t even prioritise me
You couldn’t even honour me
You don’t even try to win me back

It’s over
I did love you
Maybe I still love you
I don’t want to love you anymore

There were too many memories
Am trying to softly forget
Telling me you miss me
Isn’t helping

I couldn’t tell you to stop
Because you’ll figure my weakness
I’m not fighting you, my facade
I don’t want to hurt you no more

Just like any other day
Today I ignored it ever exist
Neither in my real journal
Nor etched in my heart


[1: 1,351 of 10,000] Unapologetic

In Article on October 11, 2014 at 7:32 AM

There are two words that I am currently drawn to for such inspiration and they are:

  1. Joan RiversUnapologetic inspired by Joan Rivers. Everyone who remembers her used this because she delivers truth without hesitation but with such conviction and with a lot of fun. The reality I have discovered is that she wasn’t really dropping all those funny lines out of being funny and mean but she actually thought of it and rehearsed it. She was a professional who bring comedic entertainment in another level – unapologetic to say what everyone else is thinking or most of us are too embarrassed to say out loud. Such a classy lady who left during her A game but never a regret. It is hard to lose somebody we love but the great memories are enough to keep moving forward.
  2. Trailblazer which is used for artist like James Brown who lit up the stage and invites all feet to groove in the dance floor. He sang “I Feel Good” and we got to admit that we sing this when we feel good. He is known as the Godfather of Soul and I am amazed that he does deserved to be called a trailblazer. He showed an amazing path of greatness for musicians to live up to.

What is the current word that gives you an elevated delight?

[1: 1,003 of 10,000] The Letter

In Letter on April 27, 2013 at 12:00 AM


Dear Ally,

I could sense that you love me and I know that I am pushing you to someone else because I cannot possibly love you back. You deserve a great young man, someone who is free, and can commit. I am not sure what do I really feel toward you but you linger in my mind more than I could understand and permit. I joked that you marry me so you don’t leave me. I try to protect you and wish that I own you for my personal gain. It is lunacy to pretend nothing comes between us but I know I am just lying to myself.

One day I’m sure you will leave me. On that day, I know that it would bring me sadness. I wish I know what I should do for a pure one like you. It scares me to even imagine admitting that I am starting to fall in love with you. The truth is I have another woman in my life and I believe I love her; and yet when I see you I cannot help but to question what kind of love does linger to see another beating heart who is so close to me.

I longed that it wouldn’t be this difficult.

Good bye.


[1: 994 of 10,000] I Am Doing Advance Blog Posts

In Article on April 18, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Blogger To become a better writer, I was supposed to religiously blog everyday but with my career commitment I just can’t manage writing sanely, spend quality time with family and work crazily.

I want my writing to be a real date so for about 3 weeks in a row now I have been doing advance blog posts. I prefer to write on weekend (Friday or Saturday) because I know it is the time I am supposed to give to myself without the crazy on call work load (and I thought only doctors are on call). I find it easier to create more than 7 blog posts in one sitting that to write about anything within the day probably because I suppressed writing for how many days that when I am finally in front of my computer to blog the words pours hard and fast. It is such an exhilaration to be just writing.

The exciting part is I am curious to find out what blog was scheduled for the day. It’s like eating my favorite ice cream whenever I reread my daily blog post. It’s not blog narcism or is it?

[1: 992 of 10,000] Crazy Blues

In Journal on April 16, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Blue RoseI don’t know if it is just my romance for words but I am moved by it especially if spoken by the people I love and care and who I believe that I respect and get inspiration from. Important words impact my choice and direction in life.

During my crazy blues when I wanted to run and hide, I secretly wish I wanted to die. I thought if I die I don’t need to feel awful, depressed, and face the reality of my certain sense of failure (which honestly doesn’t mean so much but just the best time for me to try again in a certain way that will work this time).

Now, thinking about my sisters that I love so dearly, there was one day that the youngest meaningfully said, “If you get married, can you not forget about me…” I know she’s 26, I know I will not get married until the next 3 more years but at that moment when I thought I don’t have any responsibility and could just leave at any time, I was moved that I am needed. Of course I couldn’t tolerate my sister to be taken cared of, she is of legal age and she should be able to stand on her own but at that instance I was forced to abandon dying now or the negative thought of dying when it is clearly not yet my time.

Today, whenever I face a problem, I face it. I have a dream in my head that I will be here to give support for my sister who needed me to be present. I am here so she won’t be afraid to make her dreams come true. Because if you don’t know my sister, she is always quiet, tough, but at that particular vulnerable time, she said she needed me which she never blurts out and I heard her heart… my heart heard her heart.

[1: 972 of 10,000] Let Me Recheck Why Do I Still Blog Today?

In Journal on March 27, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Top 3

Third: I am hoping that as brilliant as Scott Berkun I will later publish a book out of this 10,000 blog posts challenge that I put myself into. At that time, will I finally reveal my real name? Should I? Will I?

Second: In my honest effort, I am hoping I spark an inspiration to my readers even if they are not the frequent blog visitors. I hope I bring amusement with my quirky thoughts.

First: I wanted an outlet to voice out the many words and feelings out of me. I am equally curious if my true thoughts and feelings elicit a like from a stranger. I am still on the process of perfecting my writing craft so writing/blogging is the best exercise.

[1: 955 of 10,000] Doodling Tonight

In Journal on March 11, 2013 at 11:32 PM

I feel like doodling tonight and here is what I came up with…


[1: 950 of 10,000] Writer Writes

In Article on March 6, 2013 at 9:51 PM

It is an excuse to say I cannot write today because I am not feeling inspired.

Writer writes.

It is not possible to call oneself a writer and do not write or don’t want to write.

19 Vintage Smith Corona typewriter via Pinterest

Follow the thoughts of your mind. As you see the words that come to life in front of you string them together to create a harmonious thought. Then pause. Smile. Go back, read them, and then write again. Pause. Hit the backspace, then write, then pause, then write, and then finish it up.

Turn up the music, dance a bit, have a laugh with your love ones, then concentrate, reread, and now publish.

Typewriter Keys




[1: 912 of 10,000] Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

In Photo on January 27, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Daily Paper

If there is one thing that I LOVE in this world not matching my grateful adoration to GOD of course, it would be WORDS.

Here is a photo of the daily paper from a trip in Jordan (Movenpick Hotel in Petra). Amazing how many can be communicated in different beautiful languages to deliver a fact or a thought.

I’ve always said that I have a romance for words, as a writer, it will hold true until my grave.