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[1: 1,841 of 10,000] Speak Good

In Journal on December 26, 2016 at 10:20 PM


Are you tired of bad things happening around us?

Are you complaining about a close family member not doing well?

Are you pissed about an annoying friend?



Instead of saying the bad things, be a prophet and wish them well. Pray for the good things that you hope for them. You do love them right? It shouldn’t be so hard to focus on the good and wish only for more nice things to happen.

The world needs LOVE. The Food Network has a show called the Holiday Baking Championship and I’ve seen Season 2, which was lovely to watch because the competitors were kind with one another. They are not ruthless, cutthroat, or deceiving instead they truly enjoy baking sweets and were sweet with all the contestants. If only we do that in real life, this world is just lovely!

[1: 1,677 of 10,000] Desperation Makes You Try Anything

In Journal on January 30, 2016 at 5:39 PM

girl sits in depression on floor near the wall

I am probably using the wrong word but pulling positivity from a wrenching word like desperation is sometimes exactly the point when I encourage myself to find another solution, stir another path, come up with a new way to achieve the outcome that I needed… desperately needed.

Desperation births to ugly and awkward circumstances but I got to press on if it means I am going to succeed in the end. Who care that I got ruthlessly embarrassed right now if I am moving onward to learn and get better; then hopefully later it gets easier, bearable, and even sweeter. It might turned out pathetic but if the aim is to achieve the goal, then it is all worth it.

Have you been desperate lately? Why? What did you do? What’s the positive outcome at the end?

[1: 1,655 of 10,000] I’ve Met Death That I See Life Differently

In Journal on November 18, 2015 at 1:02 PM

Black Flower

I’ve met death so many times that I know that life isn’t forever until this body that I have and this persona that I show up for ceases. Since I understood that it is not going to last forever, anything that makes me sad doesn’t need to last forever. I have the opportunity to always change my destiny or I was given the eyes to find what’s beautiful in every situation without bitching about what’s going wrong.

I don’t need to give in to people’s call for drama. I am trying very hard to don’t get affected and checking if people are truly truthful with their words and intentions. I don’t need to question their own fears because it is a battle they need to overcome. May my simple peace bring them the calmness and bring down the walls they’ve succcesfully built on their own to hurt themselves by being senselessly argumentative and defensive.

The world is giving so many wonders that I am grateful for. I am happy whenever I release laughters. I couldn’t believe the blessings that kept pouring in. I am particularly delighted whenever I am given with amazing surprises. 🙂

[1: 1,612 of 10,000] People In Pain Get Irritated

In Journal on October 7, 2015 at 6:37 AM

Yesterday was a bit of a long day. I was wearing the wrong shoes for checking furnitures (2-inch heels may not be too hight but if you’re looking at the whole showroom and warehouse of IKEA, well you know what I mean), I wasn’t too happy about my slappy outfit, Dubai weather is still briskly hot, and I am anxious about some tasks that I want done smoothly (admittedly, perfectly).

The other day, I got a weird chat message from an acquiantance and it caught me off guard about his real intentions of prying. It is about somebody who I don’t want to dishonor or discredit in any way so I was very careful on what I say. My Monday night was weirdly exhausting emotionally.

On top of the above, my sissy asked for my help for a certain assignment and I was starting to get furious because I am really feeling exhausted; but I tried to pull myself, enjoyed the moment and helped her and still do the things that am supposed to do. I love my sister ever so dearly and I told her I am really sorry but I am annoyed at you right now but a part of me is fighting that I could calm down and help even if my throat is hurting and I just want to do my own thing.

I slept soundly and woke up with a new surge of energy. It is one of those times that when someone is in pain, he needs rest or space or just the time to do what he needed and wanted to do. It’s going to be a wonderful Wednesday! Wednesday used to be my favourite, so today is special and blessed.

Happy Wednesday

[1: 1,544 of 10,000] What’s The Worst Thing That Can Happen

In Journal on July 31, 2015 at 1:58 PM

I am hustling really hard.

I am not hustling enough so I couldn’t possibly wonder why I wasn’t moving.

I got to have a better idea and act on them.

I am keeping my happy mood even if I seriously couldn’t understand how am I going to turn out.

I trust that GOD hears me and understands what I am going through.

I believe that HE won’t leave me alone without loving life way better that I had yesterday.

I am enthusiastic for HIS surprise! I know it’s going to be amazingly fantastic.

Right now, I am happy. I am hopeful. I am grateful.

Now, I better finish the 2 books I started reading and learn from them.

Jack in Titanic

[1: 1,540 of 10,000] Another Waste of Time Talking About The Shit Thing That Happened

In Article on July 27, 2015 at 6:32 PM


I have to apologise to my dear friend for sharing a story about a shit thing that had happened to me. The problem was I didn’t just share what the ludicrous thing that had happened, I added my assumptions, it’s like doing a House MD analysis where I threw ideas out, only I wasn’t solving any medical problem that could actually save a life.

It drained my energy, I wasted both our time, and it turned out to be a total useless. I am promising myself that I will never do that to my friend or to anyone ever again. I really have to be very careful to just stop talking about other’s mistakes because I am not faultless. It’s a better world that I focus on the good note. Practice!

Instead of dwelling on the negative, I have to be at my best to be alert in being creative, eloquent, and smart on always seeing the silver lining, the thin line of bliss. It’s my God given talent to see the good; now I have to be obedient to only say the good and drop about rant and the possibilities of what could have been. It’s fresher to live that way.

To keep the optimistic energy flowing in, I should continue reading new smart materials and never cease creating. I still have to prepare for the biggest interview of my life, update my Linkedin Profile, and spank my ass that I should be publishing a Linkedin article already!

Photo Source: http://www.garancedore.fr/en/2015/07/23/the-white-tee

[1: 1,525 of 10,000] Positive Posts Only

In Article on July 12, 2015 at 8:51 AM

I have recently committed that I have to try my best to only post positive blog. I will not be able to encourage positivity if I would be writing rant all the time or how my bruished ego is engaging people to throw me a bone of “like” for being misserable. Enough with negativity.

Hello positivity! It is not easy but it is better to have a basis on what I should be writing about. Life is too short to miss bringing out joy in the open. It is not easy because it takes effort to be conscious on what I am writing and to really figure out my real intentions.

Writing about the optimistic way of seeing things doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen to good people and yet there is something about problems, challenges, and detours that demand us to halt and reassess. It is when we face our fear, triggered, hidden, or in-you-face-known FEAR that we start to act crazily but until we move back, let it pass, and connect with our inner peace for higher guidance that we are truly living the right way.

It would be amazing that people live in harmony, helping one another, building each other, and staying at peace. 🙂


[1: 1,513 of 10,000] Chanting A Positive Mantra

In Article on June 30, 2015 at 10:17 AM


What we think, we create. What we think can change our mood. What we think can make a difference.

In the previous months, I have been allowing my mind to frequently drift away to negative thoughts, or pleasurable thougths that is a form of addiction and are never beneficial for me or the people around me. It is not easy to fight the thoughts, it made me cry, it made be feel pitiful, it made me question my value, and it paralyzed me to stay in my fearful and dark comfort zone.

Whenever I start to drift away to be angry and be defensive while playing a scene that had happened or recreate a dream the way I fancied, I have to say “hush” to myself or refocus my mind. Refocusing that might also involved reading a positive healthy book, listening to a positive video, or be observant of my thoughts; the last part is a funny thing because whenever I become present and observant, it curl up and becomes mute. It waits until I crumble again and it will give me silly thoughts that are not relevant to better me or others, otherwise it freezes like a sneaky child.

Yesterday, I saw a tweet from Joyce Meyer and it’s definitely a positive mantra chant that I could repeat over and over when I am trying to gain control of my thougths, it’s “GOD is with me right now.” Repeating it until my heart recognises the essence of the chant that eventually calms my whole being, then I smile, and then I feel very courageous, strong and grateful. When I feel so blessed I then change it up to “GOD is with us right now,” because it feels even better to include everyone else like praying for my brothers and sisters.

[1: 1,503 of 10,000] Don’t Be Cruel On Yourself, Enjoy!

In Article on June 20, 2015 at 12:51 PM

Provided we have confessed our sins, we carry a clean conscience, and we mean and stopped doing harm on others… then we should stop being cruel on ourself and ENJOY LIFE!

We are not perfect, we make mistakes, but being regretful after we’ve done everything to fix our mistakes, means it is time to free ourselves for self-loathing, self-pity, and being miserable. There are things that we can never explain and instead of trying to figure out the meaning, repeatedly playing the scenes (what has and could have been) in our head, let us be brave to pull out the arrow pressing our hearts to despair.

We deserve to be happy. If we’re happy, we create a wonderful energy inside us that translates to affecting everything around us. It is a miracle worker to hum a tune, create something today out of love, and be a pleasant being around people. The only one who matters for our approval is our ever loving God who sees the content of our hearts, who is just, and gracious, oh and not to forget truly forgiving. He is the only one whose opinion matters because we couldn’t hide anything from him, he knows what we need before we even ask, and he directs our path to where we should be if we let him.

Let us recognise God almighty power blessing each of us, whoever we are. He wants us to be joyful while he take charge of our battles that we cannot endure. Smile and let us be a blessing to others NOW, and a simple good aura that we exude is a great way to start.


[1: 1,457 of 10,000] HER

In Article on May 5, 2015 at 8:31 AM


I know her.

She’s emotional because she loves truly and deeply.
She’s one of a kind by being able to see people’s heart.
She takes risks and won’t let anyone use her.
She devotes her time to a good purpose.
She loves her family and would protect them the best way she can.
She stands strong even when she’s hurt.
She recognises and shows her vulnerability.
She doesn’t stop finding the right path and making the right road.
She contemplates death but will be looking to have a meaningful life.
She’s creative and likes to laugh.
She’s an odd crazy friend but a true friend nevertheless.
She likes spreading happiness and positivity.
She’s generous of her wealth, time, and energy.
She rarely complain and rant because she’s forgiving.
She let people live their life and give them their space.
She prays sincerely not just for herself but for others too.
She’s learning to sleep and pampers her body.
She’s grateful and full of surprises.
She knows she can get whatever she wants that she works for.
She finds optimism in every scenario, a true ray of sunshine.
She’s impulsive but knows the right time to speak her mind.
She’s not afraid to apologise and not afraid to make mistake.
She knows she’s imperfect but continues to strive to be one.
She’s beautiful especially when she smiles with her eyes.
She doesn’t wait to be validated, she knows her value.
She feels fuzzy warm feelings for sweet gestures.
She loves the rose and thorns and all.
She inspires the people around her to do great things.
She has standards with all the good reasons to back it up.
She sets example and commands respect and credibility.
She’s unapologetic to defend what’s right.
She knows when to walk away.
She never meant to hurt anyone.
She is everything above because she is loved and she has love within.