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[1: 1,856 of 10,000] Not Aiming For Happiness All The Time, Not Anymore

In Article on January 10, 2017 at 6:13 AM


If I choose to, I know that I can be happy all the time, but the truth is happiness is not the ultimate goal in life. It’s not because I will now entertain the opposite of to be unhappy but I just finally accepted that there are important moments in life in which “being happy” is not the right emotion.

As a healthy human being I need to grief, to be calm (not beaming with fake smile) and accept circumstance that is out of my control, or be angry and passionate to defend what’s not right.

If I am to be consistent of what I will do in life, then I believe I would exercise the following:

  1. Love – Unleash the love that I am made of and recognize the love of others expressed in their own special way as I do too.
  2. Unique – It is easier to live with others when I find a connection of what we authentically like in common but I also have to accept that no matter how I would insist, each has its own path, a unique calling I may possibly never understand.
  3. Pain – I will get hurt and whether it was a divine plan, divine intervention, or a product of my error, it will teach me a lesson to get better. It is not easy but it is not impossible to heal.
  4. Growth – What is life without growth? It is going to be a sad boring repetitive life like a zombie existing but no longer productively contributing to make the world better than it was found. To watch myself bloom is beautiful.
  5. Accomplish – To challenge myself in setting goals of learning new skills and traverse the uncomfortable and commit to complete a project or abandon when the pure wisdom agrees not because of fear.
  6. Relationship – Unless it is meaningful then move on to find where I could have a meaningful relationship with somebody. I will never be able to live alone, I need to connect with people, otherwise it will be lonely and I die young.
  7. Attitude – Positive attitude doesn’t necessarily mean being happy, I believe it is being hopeful and not a downer that shoots down the good vibe.
  8. Intention – What I personally intent is what matters and I aim that it will always be good and not undermine another for my benefit.
  9. Acceptance – To say yes that not all things are under my control and it is okay and let life be.
  10. Grateful – There are so many miracles that happen all the time, the blessings are pouring in, the bare fact that I am breathing and woke up this morning, I am a hero of my own story and I have a journey to take on.

[1: 1,801 of 10,000] What Does Your Heart Tell You?

In List on November 12, 2016 at 11:20 PM


I am the most inspired that I have ever been. I’m not sure what exactly am I doing right but for sure…

  1. I have a dream of publishing my second book and I am looking forward on that.
  2. I cannot stop being grateful with all the beautiful blessings and challenges that I have on my plate.
  3. I am hopeful that whatever sufferings there are in the world, it won’t hurt my soul, but I can do something to alleviate even a bit of what’s wrong, and it can start that I be kind “anyway”.
  4. I smile and I make the effort to be positive.
  5. I let go of the things that I couldn’t control.
  6. I pour my heart in the works that I do.
  7. Be not attached with both success and failures. Still practicing this though.
  8. Love other people even if I don’t get love back.
  9. Appreciate my accomplishments and celebrate in the privacy of my solidarity.
  10. Celebrate and do what makes me at peace in the moment.

[1: 1,798 of 10,000] This Is Really What It’s All About

In Article on November 9, 2016 at 12:00 AM

Life doesn’t need to feel like a test or a detour but we could really live it with love and fun.

There a new viral video and it’s about a Father & Daughter wedding dance and it’s a perfect example of what we should be doing with our life, celebrate!


It was shared that they’ve practiced really hard to nail a great performance. If I attend that wedding, I will surely remember that moment and it will never fail to make me smile, feel the love, be inspired, and applaud with pure delight. They are having a good time and they put up a good show for every guest to feel alive.

It is truly a beautiful sight and don’t you think it is what it’s all about when we step out from our boxes of being unsure, not taking chances, or to be silly. I invite you that let us all together BE happy, ready to perform, and alive in the present.

[1: 1,735 of 10,000] Happiest I’ve Ever Been

In Journal on June 27, 2016 at 12:00 AM


The best part of living for me right now is catching when do I feel most alive.

It is when I love what I am doing from mundane to challenging.

Planning a vacation with my travel buddy.

Being in a vacation!

Sweating and day dreaming that helps me shed some weight.

Grateful for the comfort that I enjoy.

Thanking God every bit of time that I feel the utmost peace and pure bliss.

Listen and watch and be inspired!

Sing and dance without any inhibition.

A really good bath and a hearty meal

Cozy in my warm bed in a well ventilated room.

Waking up with a beautiful dream.

View of the city lights before I sleep.

Wake up and be greeted by a happy sunshine.

Giving everything I got and yet never feeling like I am left with nothing.

[1: 1,643 of 10,000] Jumping Gives Me Joy

In Journal on November 6, 2015 at 8:18 AM

Watch this video, I know it looks beautiful because it’s the luxurious Burberry, but strip off the brand, the famous people in it, and focus on their smiles, the music, and the jumping –

What do you feel?

I will share you what I feel. I feel freaking amazing and joyful. I love to jump in my apartment. Whenever I feel like I am not alive, I jump. When I got a good news, I jump. When I am bored, I jump. When I want to create joy, I jump.

I love feeling my feet get lifted from the ground. I love how my hair flip here and there. I love how my heart becomes in motion.

Do you love to jump?

[1: 1,617 of 10,000] What Is The True Definition of Happiness?

In Question on October 12, 2015 at 6:01 AM


Do I really know the true definition of happiness?

Do I know the instance that would make me say that would make me happy?!

Material things can give comfort and pride but they will never make my happiness lasts.

Success will contribute to my happiness, learning, and growth but it is never enough since the journey is a lot more meaningful.

Family, friends, acquiantances, colleagues, and strangers get on with their life that I could only be part of a glimpse of their joy.

Where then happiness truly lies that is consistent?

I believe it is exactly the moment that I grasp that I am in the present. I can consult my spirit that I have joy being with the world with good intention. I am content that I have given my best and I am grateful. It is the peace that grounds me and connects me with the holiness that would burst my heart with a smile, then a giggle, and then a laughter that would not even require an action because it just shines through.

[1: 1,605 of 10,000] I’m Freaking Happy

In Journal on September 30, 2015 at 11:58 PM

Jumping With Happiness

I’m freaking happy that I couldn’t stop smiling from within. It looks silly but the photo above describes the silly cheeky smile that I couldn’t help myself painting all over my face.

I just have to have better energy by being fit and taking care my body and it will help me better with the tasks am supposed to complete.

It is just a little alarming that my mind is making wrong tracks but I know better to stop it before it roots. I wanted to fall in love with the right gentleman and that we’re right for one another. If a man in my life isn’t the right path, then let me be the best at what I do.

Yay! I am pretty happy and I hope you are too.

[1: 1,580 of 10,000] To My Fellow Happy People, Keep Calm Too

In Article on September 5, 2015 at 8:22 PM

Too Happy

I have always experienced extreme happiness and I’ve also experience going through a painstaking heartaches for all the wrong reasons and there are some similarities –

  1. If I am extremely happy and if I’m extremely nervous about something negative (yes, I know too that I was seriously guilty), I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t calmly go to bed and enjoy a good slumber, which is important to regain energy and compusure for the following day.
  2. I couldn’t concentrate on one task and I would end up having so many unaccomplish items or I will then become frustrated if I don’t get the important things done.
  3. I have the tendency to tell everyone what I’ve been through, to the person who would be proud of me if I’m happy and to get sympathy when I’m uber down. It’s not always healthy to the point of obsessing of not knowing when to stop.

In both intense moments I feel like I am going to explode and so I would like to share that we always have to find the place that we could stay CALM. It is the key to ensuring that we don’t go insane of being boastful or pitiful and cray-cray.

Although given the choice of being happy or worried, it would be better to be happy. We just have to be careful not to be overly happy that we won’t be in control. Namaste and we should go back in our center.

[1: 1,578 of 10,000] When I’m Happy

In Poem on September 3, 2015 at 11:25 PM
Happy People


When I’m happy…
Sad songs doesn’t make me sad
I see people’s good heart shining through
Smile automatically appears from me
Couldn’t stop thanking God
Everything becomes beautiful
Warm sunlight becomes kisses
I don’t understand impossible
All dreams can come true
My heart and soul expand
Miracles are continuously pouring
Extra kinder becomes easier
Compassionate and emphatic become natural
I could hug everyone
I see no fault from anyone
I forgive everybody
I pray love, peace, and joy for everyone
Courage takes over fear
Hope not suffering is a threshold
Right now is what living is all about

It’s freaking amazing that I gain my footing in getting happier and at peace everyday. I am so grateful and I am seeing the glimpse of what I have been reading so much for so long from those who were able to find this place. It’s a beautiful state and I wanted everyone to live this way. 🙂

[1: 1,576 of 10,000] One Question: Are You Happy?

In Question on September 1, 2015 at 8:32 PM

Are You Happy

Its been two years? I could still remember when you asked me if I am happy. You even asked me to rate how happy am I. At that time, I answered 6? And you said that’s not very high. You’re right it wasn’t but I was being honest because I was lost. I was basing my happiness on all the wrong feelings and circumstances.

I look highly of you. I see you as a respectable businessman and you’ve always been kind to me. So, I was surprised that you asked me the question. I wonder why you’ve asked but never got the courage to ask why. That question made me search my life’s truest joy so if I see you again and you asked how happy I am, if 10 is the perfect score, I could say 11 without flinching. 🙂

My happiness now is bigger than the galaxy and I wanted to share it with everyone. I got everything I needed. I feel whole. I am practising that I will never fall into attachments and leave things as is. There is so much freedom and so much faith. I love living in the moment.