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[1: 1,956 of 10,000] It Wasn’t Just Me

In Journal on November 20, 2018 at 7:26 PM

For months I was stalling very important works only for all those tasks to catch up on me when the event was about to happen. I was so nervous! I let my emotion as my benchmark whether to show up to my responsibility, it wasn’t like me at all. My made up dissatisfaction and feeling uninspired crept me up so much that it froze me to do what I need to do in my job. So days before the event, I was working like crazy, 24 hours wasn’t enough, and so my last resort was to call my Hail Mary.

I prayed to God that the event will run smoothly. Whatever great things will be in His glory, and whatever screw up are my lessons to learn. After all the worries for how many months, the event was finally over and it was a success in the eyes of those who are not part of the organizing committee. I have received praises and I couldn’t take full credit for them because I know in my heart that it wasn’t just me, I have magical help to vanish my worries.

Are you worried about something right now? Pray. God listens to us and whatever fear we have He’ll help us through it if we let Him. When we walk with love instead of fear, we triumph.

[1: 1,848 of 10,000] Seriously, Work Laptop At Home Again?

In Article on January 4, 2017 at 11:42 PM


It is truly a decision whether I am utilizing my work hours 100% on just work; or I astray and get distracted to lose focus and end up carrying my work laptop home.

There are so many times that I have carried that laptop bag only to not open it when I reach home even though I do have the intention because my body like a mobile device that found a charger… accepts only hibernation.

I applaud myself whenever I felt like I did my best at work, confirmed that it is worth leaving my laptop at the office, and I get home with a fresh mind. I need my free evening time so I can enjoy my dinner, I can blog, I can dream, I can write about my next book to publish, drink my tea peacefully, bathe leisurely, and then squeeze some essential household chores (wishing for a butler like what Bruce Wayne got).

As Emily Charlton said, “I love my job, I love my job, I love my job.”






[1: 1,785 of 10,000] #BackToReality

In Article on October 17, 2016 at 10:35 AM


I went for three weeks vacation and I’d be back to work soon.

There is an immediate comment within my peers, mine included, that going back to work is “going back to reality,” which after thinking about it makes me shake my head and cry THAT’S NOT RIGHT!

First, it elicits a negative feeling. Second, I don’t consider my adventurous vacation a dream. Both work and play are my realities! So enough with the bashing and I must enjoy life in all its spectrum.


[1: 1,768 of 10,000] Serene Friday

In Article on July 29, 2016 at 1:40 PM


It’s almost one in the afternoon and my neighbourhood in Dubai Investment Park 2 is so quiet, heck even my neighbours in the building is going about their lives quietly. I am at peace drinking my instant Nescafe coffee, which is not bad at all.

I love weekends! It is specially rewarding that I have checked necessary personal items like understanding my investments, resolving the stocks that I couldn’t transfer, and still to buy a mutual fund. It was good to clean up my mailbox and read interesting articles from inspiring Derek Sivers, Ivanka Trump and company writing about women at work, and Dr. Guy Winch on psychology. It is fascinating to watch documentary about chefs called Chef’s Table on Netflix. I am continuing to read the book about Rules of Wealth by Richard Templar too.

Friday is the first day of the weekend when I am supposed to not think about work but see on how I can enrich my life better; but if I set a distinct line between my work and personal life, it doesn’t feel right but will only be expected if I hated my job. Slowly but surely, my job is starting to grow in me with a different way like I can make a difference and that it is making me feel very hopeful, working with love, and giving my very best. All because yesterday I feel sick, weak, dying, and I can capitalise on that.

[1: 1,765 of 10,000] I Am Slammed

In Journal on July 26, 2016 at 9:35 PM

Good night

I am so slammed but the work that we’ve put in, the things that I am learning, are amazing!

I can really accomplish anything that I push myself to finish with the inspiration of a very smart, industrious, and dedicated colleague. He’s absolutely inspiring me!

It’s been a long weekend and a long work week. Blog post right now has to be short and sweet and I got to have a good night sleep.

May you have a wonderful day filled with beautiful dreams to aim to come true.

[1: 1,749 of 10,000] Forced To Work

In Journal on July 10, 2016 at 11:59 PM

Not Lost

It would be nice that I will never feel like I was being forced to work. Something is wrong, I am unhappy again. I know that I am able to work along fine people, learning from them, and some even trust my abilities but others also surprised me and disappoint me for being constantly engaging with BIG EGOS maybe including my growing lack of enthusiasm.

It would be nice not feeling lost. I need to find what I am passionate about, hold on to it, and make it work. Or make lemonade now? Or what happened to my mantra that I gotta to leave this world at least a little better than I found it.

I am panicking again. I couldn’t get proper sleep because I am starting to worry. I got to calm down, don’t drink too much coffee, and believe that everything will work out just fine.

I really really just want to be happy at work wherein everyone is working very well together.


[1: 1,730 of 10,000] What Is Embarrassing?

In Journal on June 22, 2016 at 11:59 PM


What is embarrassing? What is shaming?

Those two questions are exactly the two reasons why I am so stressed out at work. I have experienced being bullied and I did my share of bullying to others too. It is no wonder that I felt my positive energy draining.

This has to change and be what I intend to commit. No more being mean but really deliver with kindness, sincerity, and love. No more pretending and pushing others, instead cultivate cooperation and learning.

It is a beautiful world to learn. It’s a beautiful world to always give 100% of our hearts in whatever we do. It’s a beautiful world that knows how to fill our soul with gladness if we let it.

May we all have an open heart that gives and receives LOVE.

[1: 1,698 of 10,000] Teach Them or Mock Them

In Article on March 26, 2016 at 8:17 PM

I have colleagues at work who couldn’t help but notice the imperfections of other colleagues and then it gets me thinking how about we help them instead to improve than complaining about their weaknesses.

Is it weird that I felt bad when we try to find what’s wrong instead of helping somebody overcome the flaws because everybody is imperfect!

It takes effort to be truly helpful.

It takes compassion to speak only of love for growing and not leave with only unhelpful mocking.

I think I have outgrown indulging to speak about what is wrong behind someone’s back instead I would rather express it to the person and offer a solution.

May we have the courage to nurture people. To appreciate our differences and grow stronger together.



[1: 1,691 of 10,000] How Dare I To Mock Employees

In Article on February 28, 2016 at 12:15 AM


I believe that the ultimate aim for an employee is to become an employer, that to me is the ultimate goal and an evidence of success. I see employees (including me who is currently) as a beginner, who has lots to learn, and not done.

I grew up with parents who were managing their own businesses so that to me is the true epitome, you are your own boss, and doesn’t need to be dictatated by other’s rules. Being feisty, aggressive, in good amount is good otherwise flawed. An employer must recognise that he needs to be humble and need others to come up with better ideas, to collaborate with other great minds, and to establish rules that is not ruled by ego like who thought of it or in power to implement it or as silly as who said it first but because it is the right way to accomplish a business goal.

No matter where you are, what I am right now like an employee, I should pay respect. To honour the work of my hands and enjoy the journey. I do see the future for every employee who may strive to have their own business but not necessarily because they can run or manage a business on their own but with the help of trusted people.

May we always have the desire, ambition, to grow bigger.



[1: 1,690 of 10,000] Work Right Now

In Article on February 27, 2016 at 9:56 AM

Work right now looked like this…

Work Right Now

It’s a lot. It’s variety. Thankfully I am now loving it. Consuming sweet coffee to stay awake and alert then on to reading, typing, creating, calling, whatsapping, negotiating, dining, learning, and the list goes on.

It was not easy; it was a journey to get to this level. To find my reason that will fuel my enthusiasm to accept the challenges, the imperfections, and the room for growth and ultimately a true business success. To hear the joy of my excitement to be accomplishing something amazing at the end of it; oh wait, it’s a living work, so it goes on and on with a journey that tells a story.

I started big, proud, then shy, unsure, folded, humiliated, attacked, questioned, then I get a hang of it, I gained momentum, I met beautiful people to learn from, and I am back with my confident self and more inspired than ever. Still discovering a good root to start to sustain the building inspiration that makes me excited to do my work, give my best, and finish. I like it that I work with joy and happy to be serving and helping and that one great way to start.

I am really enjoying every minute of it now. I face my challenges with such gusto. I finally found the hand gloves that fit me. It’s breathtakingly rewarding. The future is bright with lots of rewards.