Yor Ryeter

[1: 242 of 10,000] My Top 5 Posts for May 2011

In Article on June 8, 2011 at 12:52 AM

1. Ugly Betty on RED

I love TV series, I am already toying the idea that I should work in a TV station and make great shows. Speaking of that my 1st favorite post is about Ugly Betty talking about the color red. The show ended and it makes me feel good reminiscing the memorable scenes.

2. Mussing Over

I was sad and it felt right writing a poem about it. This poem has actually a revelation for my next top post.

3. When do you say YES for a new direction?

I am taking the action. I am updating my CV. I am positive about the future. I am creating my future!

4. My New Five Favorite Words

I am in love with words and these five words were inspiring me on the challenging month of May.

5. Monkey Biz

I am decided to take the plunge of entrepreneurship as soon as I got everything covered. It is not going to be fast and easy but I am determined to make it a reality because I am blessed with a great partner by my side.

  1. I liked most “When do you say YES for a new direction?” – related to positive psychology …

  2. You got some good stuff in your blog.

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