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[1: 1,312 of 10,000] I Am Not Afraid Anymore

In Letter on February 24, 2014 at 11:52 PM

Photo By Brad Goldpaint

Dear God,

I have always thought people will take advantage of my kindness. I have feared that men would misunderstood my sweet demeanour so I’ve build a thick and high boundary. I don’t like to be associated with anybody who will not contribute to the betterment of my being. I snob and acting snotty to negative people who cross my every waking day. I have mirrored people to get back at them especially if it’s negative.

Forgive me.

With you holding my hand, I shall trust without judgment. I shall understand with compassion. I shall listen to your voice speaking to my soul that I do not need to expect and only see the ill-fitted. I shall believe for the love and goodness you have instilled in our hearts because you created us out of your LOVE. I shall be gracious and kind to men who just wanted to be in my world, to listen to my thoughts, and be blessed and glorious of receiving my time.

I am not afraid anymore to share myself to honour you. You have filled me with so much greatness that I shall not contain it for the very few. May these words that you have allowed me to create goes a long way to kindle our spirits with hope and faith… all these only for your glory.

I love you.

With deepest gratitude that I could smile, your daughter,


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