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[1: 1,348 of 10,000] The Good Thing About Every New Day

In Journal on September 21, 2014 at 12:03 AM

New DayLife isn’t always perfect the way I want it to be. I sometimes do so many things in a day that I tell myself that was totally off Yor. I don’t regret but I apologise and move on. And moving forward is the very essence why I love every new day. The sun sets, I rest, I stay still and subtle in my slumber, and when I wake up usually with new energy and answers then I stand up again.

In my 34 years of living, life fascinates me and it teaches me. I want so many things done, no matter how bad I wanted to delegate, it just doesn’t work, so I stop putting expectations and I ask God to give me the ability and the boost of energy to just get things done without waiting. I just have to work one more challenge, the blaming part or the words of “you could have helped me.” I will find joy that I accomplish things, and if I am capable of finishing small things, wait up dreams I am going to claim you pretty soon!

Start. Every thing just needs to start and I cannot wait for other people to do it for me. I got to believe in myself and just start. Stay focused and be the greatest being that I can be -

  1. Getting healthy. I started putting an effort to do a sit-up of 50 today, eat healthier food like enough with too much soft drinks and more on water, and like what I have to do in a few minutes sleep soundly on my bed everyday without bargaining.
  2. Write a best-selling book while I am in Dubai.
  3. Tithe 10%, Invest 20%, and Live with 70%.
  4. Be kinder to everyone around me. Be tough but still kind.
  5. Buy a lot and build my home.
  6. Take responsibility and never disappoint anyone especially myself for procrastinating and losing focus on anything and everything.
  7. Pray to say how grateful I am for all the blessings.
  8. Be courageous and persevere. Be honest and be smart. Never stop learning of the good things.
  9. Love without measurement and judgment.
  10. Breathe.

[1: 1,347 of 10,000] YES

In Journal on September 19, 2014 at 8:17 PM


A confident YES is like an addictive drug to me.

I have problem saying NO to work. I am a lunatic for taking so much responsibilities. I know it is drowning me at times but I don’t like to give up and I don’t want to believe that I couldn’t handle it on my own turf. I know that no one could help me but myself and the wonderful help of the universe. I am in search of the perfect assistant right now and I know that I will find her this month.

I treat life like a movie, you know where everything is magical, full of drama, and surrounded with excitement in every scenario. I love life like a movie where there is no boring corners, no pauses for non-scenamatic reason, and no dead films. And my favourite part of every great movie is there is always challenge so great it is so rewarding when it gets solved awesomely!

I love what I am really feeling right now. I am very happy, at peace, and living in the present. I am reading the book “A New Earth” and though it is hard to read, probably my cray cray ego doesn’t want me to learn it, it opens a lot of truth. I am grateful that I live a better life every time.

[1: 1,346 of 10,000] Charlie Changed Me

In Review on September 19, 2014 at 7:31 PM

For the past months, I am going to a motion that I really don’t like. My hired car lift for work gave the greatest headache and annoyance for being absent for a lot of time, so it forced me to finally hurry and get myself a car. It is my first ever car and it is a joint custody with my lil sissy. We got ourselves a pre-owned 2010 Mini Copper 50 Camden special edition!!!


We named it “Charlie” in honour of The Italian Job movie; it’s Mark Wahlberg’s character’s name but we are also thinking about the pretty Charlize and definitely the bad ass performance of the Mini. I love Charlie, my sweetest dearest beloved Baby!

  • It transport me from point A to B.
  • It saves me with its powerful break for so many times.
  • It zooms like a lightning, this kid is not afraid of speed.
  • I love when it roars.
  • The engine is in perfect condition.
  • I feel like a mummy when I got it the first pair of rubber shoes (4 numbers).
  • The sound system is superb and looking really gorgeous.
  • Its cuteness doesn’t scare to get in anywhere and to park in any place.

It’s a special edition and it is quite special for changing my every work days and every non-work related trips. It open my senses whenever I drive. It doesn’t bore me at all. It brings more love and excitement in my life. I am very grateful and really happy. I fought for this car and it was a cash loan worth having for.

Next big purchase is definitely becoming a home owner and building that FAMILY GROUP OF COMPANIES BUSINESS. Woot woot, #life-is-good!


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