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[1: 1,341 of 10,000] It Is Not So Hard To Find The Comedy

In Journal on August 16, 2014 at 8:00 PM

If your loved ones make a mistake, laugh it off, find the comedy.

Laugh It Out

I try to practise this now. I used to snap too easily, stressed out, and I find people to blame; but lately I just want to live a peaceful life so instead of making an issue and creating a bigger drama, I just let it go and find what’s funny from the situation.

Most of the time mistakes were really were accidents and they didn’t intentionally did it to hurt me. I love my loved ones so instead of getting irrationally mad, I just find the comedy and we share a laughter.


[1: 1,340 of 10,000] Eyebrow Threading Anyone?

In Review on August 16, 2014 at 10:52 AM

franck provost dubaiTrying new things is the whole essence of feeling a new kick of inspiration. I’ve tried eyebrow threading yesterday for the first time. I am not quite sure what to expect but pulling body hairs have always been painful based on my experience. To ensure quality service, might as well go to Franck Provost at Mall of the Emirates to get it.

I told the hair threading specialist to be gentle because it was my first time. She was making funny remarks heightening my ‘not-so-sure-this-is-a-good-idea’ moment. It turned out, it was not painful like pulling one hair at a time with a tweezer, it feels more like a razor with little pricks. At the end, my fear was more on ‘oh-shit-we-didn’t-discuss-the-shape-she’s-going-to-make’ and the real horror of I end up losing all my hairs or regret what the hell is that shape?

I was a bit panicky on what shape is she creating but I calm myself saying if all didn’t work it will grow back after 10 years?! OMG – there should be a brochure for eye brow shapes where customer has to choose and settle before any threading takes place. I got to suggest that to avoid miscommunication and to meet proper expectations.

During the procedure, she was quite shocked I’ve never had threading and asked for my age. I told her 34. She asked if I am married. I told her no. Then she ends the conversation with after this you’ll get married. Oh, how promising.

End result – I walked out with two properly normal and clean shaped eye brows. I was cheery and glad I did it for myself. I remembered my schoolmate turned model said that one of the best way to make a great improvement on your face is to make sure to have a clean eyebrow. Well, checked!

[1: 1,339 of 10,000] I Like Dubizzle

In Review on August 16, 2014 at 8:58 AM

I love the Dubai, UAE Dubizzle and the Dubai Users.


I have moved for several times in Dubai and moving to a new place means changing some of the pieces I would be bringing with me so Dubizzle helped me disposed the other times that are in perfect condition but is better off in a new household.

It is also fun to meet different people and nationality during the negotiations and then finally item collection or delivery.

The challenging part is having to lock down a negotiation and the buyer was completely a liar for not making his commitment to pick-up an item after negotiating of even meeting to a certain place!!! But that has happened just once so I am still excited to sell in Dubizzle.



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