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[1: 1,368 of 10,000] Thank You for Stopping of Loving Him

In Poem on November 22, 2014 at 10:04 PM

Thank you for stopping of loving him

Or I wouldn’t have a place in your heart

I love you

I think I know what the Twilight imprinted meant

We are a perfect match

Our world becomes magical

Your gorgeous black hair

Honest brown eyes

Purest pink lips

Tears that reveal your softest spot

I love everything about you

Including your quirks and speeding tickets

Your stubbornness that makes you unique

I love you


I love you

For showing me real love

Saving myself for you

Loving you forever

I know my obsession has a reason

Loving the day we’ve committed our love in the altar

I love how smart you are, inspiring

A treasure and a gift not just to me but to the world

You change one life after another

I love you for spreading goodness

I love you for loving me, your fidelity

I love you


[1: 1,367 of 10,000] Brutally Honest

In Article on November 16, 2014 at 1:18 AM


  1. If you complain about your job but never quit, you don’t deserve to complain; quit and I’ll let you know my opinion again.
  2. If you keep dreaming without acting, you don’t really want to succeed.
  3. If you keep planning without accomplishing, you are just going in circle, always a beginning but will never have a big bang ending; and then supposedly start another new exciting adventure.
  4. If you are grumpy, there are 4 reasons to choose from, you were stupidly surprised/startled but too embarrass to admit it, you are hungry, you are broke, or you didn’t get enough sleep. Come to think of it, the first one can be resolved with a good attitude, and the last three could have been prevented if you have taken control.
  5. If you cry, you may have just showed a weakness and vulnerability, and it is never your lost; but pity for those who couldn’t recognised it as strength and still ask and stubbornly asked you to stop crying.
  6. If a woman says she hates you, it is because she loves you so much but she shouldn’t; well in my very case anyway for a particular human being.
  7. If you blog at 1:15 AM knowing you are getting up at 5:00 AM, you are avoiding the silence of the night for slumber, but finding solace of the written words. You should write a book and actually earn from it!

[1: 1,366 of 10,000] I Am Recovering From My Addiction

In Journal on November 16, 2014 at 12:46 AM
You make me gasp for air
You stir my imagination like no other
You ripped my heart into tiny brittles
‘Coz I could never have you and must never want you
o-STRESS-ADDICTION-facebookThat’s right, I am addicted to loving someone but I finally found the strength to keep my distance by slowly cutting our connections that have gone so deep. How do I recover to such a devastating addiction? It distracts me. It softens me. It makes me sin.
After all the heartaches, I managed to find time to fit him in my mind. Feeling him to be mine. It’s crazy. I wanted it so much to end. So what I did is -
  1. I have to accept that I am thinking about him.
  2. I make the conscious effort to forgive myself for my relapse.
  3. I changed the tv channel from lovebirds to The Hobbit.
  4. I went to make myself a tea.
  5. I open my laptop and listened to TEDx about economy and creating opportunity.
  6. I read more business articles from Linkedin.
  7. I wrote down notes for my latest obsession, a business plan, paving way as an entrepreneur.
  8. I send out emails and research for my business.
  9. I am writing blog posts.
  10. I am forgetting why was I feeling pity-me-syndrome, guilty, and afraid to go to sleep only to find out I am carelessly thinking about him again.
  11. Go back to Steps 1 to 10.

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