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[1: 602 of 10,000] Power Horse Energy Drink

In Review on April 2, 2012 at 12:00 AM

I tried drinking the Power Horse Energy Drink made in Austria.

I usually drink Red Bull but for review purposes, I tried the three flavors and no I didn’t drink all 4 of them (on the photo) in one gulp because according to one of the labels, consuming more than 500 ml (or 2 of those) will not be good for my health. Very honest label and I like it.

I did try to drink the maximum for a day which means the original flavor “Energy Drink,” actually the one in red bottle didn’t say it’s an Energy Drink so I tried both of the same color just to ensure they have the same taste. It tasted like Red Bull. I drank it almost in the mid noon and I can’t sleep until 1am in the morning. Totally regretted drinking 500ml!

The Pink one, which is “Sugar Free” is almost the same as the original flavor only a bit stronger but still nothing special.

The biggest surprise for me is the Blue one, which is the “Energy Cola.” I got to admit I love Coke and Pepsi and this taste like that and the good news is it’s an Energy Drink.

I am a fan of Energy Drink because it could keep my nerves alive and never let me yawn in times of really needing not to nap. So far, Power Horse fairs well. I will surely drink more of the “Energy Cola” and might even try their suggested Cocktails one day.

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