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[1: 1,147 of 10,000] Oratane Medication

In Review on September 16, 2013 at 12:00 AM


Oratane’s generic name is Isotretinoin. It is a long term solution (I want to believe anyway) for treating acne but don’t self medicate because this medicine is prescribed by doctor.

Douglas Pharmaceuticals Ltd. from New Zealand is the manufacturer and its website www.oratane.co.nz has useful information about the product from what is it, how it works, what are the side effects, and proper skin care. This medicine is not good for women who intend to get pregnant or who are pregnant, but other than that all side effects will reverse once patient completes the prescribed medication (good to know!)

The irritating side effects that I experience that I don’t really see from others comments online are the intense itching on my face early on but later replaced by having the scalp itching and worst dandruff ever. The medication is all about reducing the amount of oil produced by the oil glands so I am simply clueless what is causing the embarrassing and crazy flaking.

The side effects that are expected, which I experience are depression, dizziness, dryness, and few muscle pain. For depression, I got a clue on why, thing is while on medication, it is still possible for acne to emerge, who wouldn’t be depressed if you are already taking medicines and yet there are still new acne that comes out, to top it all of there is an itchiness to deal with. I’ve been an emotional eater from the past and now I am starting to notice that I got incredible appetite, that is bad because I cannot control gaining weight!?

I have to be in it for 6 months with 10 mg in the morning and 20 mg in the evening. I can’t wait for March 6th to end the meds intake or maybe earlier if it worked sooner. 😉

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