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[1: 816 of 10,000] Hug Is A Good Sign

In Journal on October 29, 2012 at 11:54 PM

My possibly new BOSS and I are comfortable to hug one another. It was just 2 hugs before the job interview and after the job interview today.

Hug is a good thing right? It denotes trust and sincere support. He knew about my Mum’s passing so it was actually a very warm gesture.

He is a big man and I feel like a little kid as he gives me a bear hug. I respect him and there is nothing malicious about the act. He is adorable who likes to say ‘shit’ – I could influence him to drop that word eventually. Could I? Should I?

I like change. There are few things to iron especially questionable matter and possibly affecting the family vacation.

God help me. Please send the Holy Spirit to enlighten me and give me the right wisdom to proceed. Thank you Lord.

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