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[1: 1,543 of 10,000] 5 LinkedIn InMail Credits

In Article on July 30, 2015 at 7:54 PM


I am panicking that I have to land to a new career ASAP so for the month of July I decided to take a LinkedIn Premium package that would allow me 5 InMail Credits, meaning I would be able to send a message, not a tweet, to any LinkedIn member of my choice. I could actually compose proper sentences and paragraphs to relay my desire to get hired!

Tomorrow is the last day of the month and so far here are how I have used them –

  1. I sent a message to Simon Sinek asking his brilliant idea about my brainchild business idea. So far he didn’t reply.
  2. I sent a message to a LinkedIn recruiter for an advertised opening. I received an email that I didn’t make it.
  3. I asked my online mentor about the best topic to post in LinkedIn. He didn’t reply so I just proceeded to post one that speaks to my gut and he previously admitted in his articles that he doesn’t usually reply back.
  4. I sent a message to a company owner to get hired today. Still waiting for a feedback.
  5. ?

It may be silly that I used two of my credits not for job opening but trying to pick the brain of two people that might never bother to reply, which is okay, but I am questioning my messages that if I made it interesting and witty enough, I could have gotten a reply. One last credit until tomorrow and I expect so much from myself.

Shall I be a job seeker or a fan?

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