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[1: 1,814 of 10,000] Gilmore Girls Is Back On Netflix

In Review on November 25, 2016 at 11:59 PM


I’m in Dubai so I have to wait just a little bit for US to strike November 25th so I can finally see the all new 4 episodes (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall) of Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

Incoming spoiler alert, beware!

Forevermore I truly love the mother-daughter relationship of Lorelie and Rory. Whenever the past is being brought up, I remember the teen episode of Lorelie when she’s being her at a very tender age though.

As a woman, I couldn’t help to connect my life with theirs. My mom is gone so I am sort of the Lorelie to my almost 30 year old little sister, yes she’s playing Rory at this part. We are a crazy duo who travels whenever we can, fight relentlessly, binge on television and food, and cheer each other up. The only difference is we mock each other like we really mean it.

The series fell flat in some parts, like they’re all doing things all over again and there were odd scenes, was it just me reminiscing with them and quite surprised to see how they all looked like now?

I’ve seen Gilmore before, I’ve rewatched the entire 7 seasons (I’m committed) on Netflix, and I’m again taken aback that Rory is sleeping with an engaged man. Why does she do that to herself? Or the writers just think they want to represent the most possible truths that romantic people fall in love too easily? Again, she’s lost with her career and going some detour; only to end the show that she’s pregnant. Probably Logan or the recent one-night stand? I couldn’t expect my personal hope of happy ending from a television, after all, I am 4 years older than Rory.


Of all the 4 episodes, Fall made me sobbed starting when Lorelie gave the best memory she could think of about her dad. When Suki reappears and as usual prepared endless array of cakes for Luke & Lorelie’s wedding. I’m cracking up again just by remembering it. And finally, the set for the wedding was beautiful, including the song being played.

I’m happy for Lorelie that she is happy knowing her path… she finally settled down and a true business savvy. She had finally accomplished what she wanted and living the life she needed.

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