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[1: 457 of 10,000] The Secret Behind Why Women Shop With Friend/s

In Article on December 1, 2011 at 11:58 PM

There were several psychological explanations on why women shop with someone from they needed validation, admiration, opinion, or simply clueless that they bring someone in the wheel to keep things rolling and to find the perfect clothes.

Although shopping today with my family gave me an AHA moment on a simple reason.

It was an obvious reason that women can figure it out. Compared to men they will most likely don’t need a companion because of this reason.

Here is what happened early today. I went to the fitting room alone to try dresses only to find out that they have long zippers at the back that require very flexible hands to close it. It hits me; I got to call my sissy to help me zip my dress. I can’t see the beauty of the dress on me unless it is properly zip. It hurts unzipping alone too – I do get muscle cramps attempting to do it alone sometimes.

The simple reason is “convenience” and doesn’t necessarily end with seeking someone’s opinion or whatever psychological explanations; somehow at the end of the day I buy the clothes that makes ME feel good.

Side note: Man’s clothes don’t require zipping or tying at the back or side.

Ladies, would you agree about the simplest reason? 😉

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