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[1: 1,456 of 10,000] WHOLE Again

In Article on May 4, 2015 at 2:47 PM

My friend reminded me that I have to be WHOLE again. She knows about my struggle that I am not really in a good place right now. The optimistic in me was quite surprised that I don’t even know what being WHOLE again means.

I asked her do I need to pray a lot? And do good things to others?

She said you’re so silly! No, she didn’t say that, she said…

“All of the above and most of all believe in yourself and always say that you deserve the best because you are one of the best. Do not swim in the pool of sadness. You yourself said that you have moved on so go with the flow. Be the strong person I knew before. Do not be too emotional, because when you start to be emotional again, you begin to fall again. Rise up girl, stand your ground, and always think positive.”

I thought Holy Shit! I know all those things!! And yet, when I am in a dark place, I do forget who I was and what I’m capable to do and withstand. I got a little lost and unless I respect that somebody that puts me into my strong self again, I will die at the corner of the wrong loop of thinking and I forget to turn around and find another way.

How could I forget to define how to be whole? I need affirmation reminder!

Whole Again

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