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[1: 1,159 of 10,000] Thrill Seeker

In Review on September 28, 2013 at 12:00 AM

I kind of like the idea of being on the edge of my seat, have my heartbeat deafens me, and my stomach guts just turned upside down. I want a thrill that makes me feel that I am alive and survived. Sissy and I visited Atlantis The Palm and went for The Leap of Faith water slide that made me feel all the quiver! The slide will let you fall over 9 stories in a mere second before you find yourself speeding through a clear acrylic tube surrounded by sharks and rays.

This is what you see from above:

Leap of Faith

Beautiful sight below huh but my sister and I were contemplating the following scares:

  1. It is almost a vertical drop instead of a nice kind of safe slant.
  2. What if we tumble and just move out of the straight path?
  3. Will my heart make it?

We were a bit hesitant to proceed but what made us do it?

  1. People did it and they were fine. How unlucky are we going to be that when we do it, it’ll be a final destination disaster?
  2. It was a long walk up using the stairs, and it is the quickest way to go down.
  3. We are running out of time and we need to check out from our hotel.
  4. We saw 2 women backed out (chicken out? :p) and I won’t let that happen to us.
  5. We’ve talked about this before going to this adventure, we got to do it.

It was worth it! I will probably do it again.

  1. […] favourite part of the year is when I did the Atlantis Dubai Leap of Faith water slide. Totally flipped […]

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