Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,193 of 10,000] TV Series That I Don’t Quite Buy Yet!!! The Blacklist & Arrow

In Review on October 30, 2013 at 7:46 AM

The Blacklist is about Raymond Reddington, a criminal, who is willing to work with the FBI to catch the other big criminals like himself on the condition that he will only talk to Elizabeth Keen, a profiler. She doesn’t know why did he pick her and got notified during her first reporting day at the FBI. He said he knew her father. I think he is her father!?

I am still unsure about this show but I got to say I respect Lizzie when she stabbed Red in the neck. I sometimes like the witty remarks of Red but his motive is quite lamely delivered that I am not believing everything just yet. Finally, the mystery of the real relationship of the two characters eventually and the real identity of Lizzie’s hubby intrigued me… for now.

The Blacklist

The next TV show that I’ll shoot is Arrow. If I made a TV show during my high school days, it will resemble the Arrow so much. I am being critical on myself because the lines were often cheesy and too good to be true. I am hooked with the luxurious privilege of the Queen’s world, Oliver’s amazing presence (voice, look, and body in that order), and that’s about it.

The Starling sounds so Gotham. I am still not buying it.


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