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[1: 1,348 of 10,000] The Good Thing About Every New Day

In Journal on September 21, 2014 at 12:03 AM

New DayLife isn’t always perfect the way I want it to be. I sometimes do so many things in a day that I tell myself that was totally off Yor. I don’t regret but I apologise and move on. And moving forward is the very essence why I love every new day. The sun sets, I rest, I stay still and subtle in my slumber, and when I wake up usually with new energy and answers then I stand up again.

In my 34 years of living, life fascinates me and it teaches me. I want so many things done, no matter how bad I wanted to delegate, it just doesn’t work, so I stop putting expectations and I ask God to give me the ability and the boost of energy to just get things done without waiting. I just have to work one more challenge, the blaming part or the words of “you could have helped me.” I will find joy that I accomplish things, and if I am capable of finishing small things, wait up dreams I am going to claim you pretty soon!

Start. Every thing just needs to start and I cannot wait for other people to do it for me. I got to believe in myself and just start. Stay focused and be the greatest being that I can be –

  1. Getting healthy. I started putting an effort to do a sit-up of 50 today, eat healthier food like enough with too much soft drinks and more on water, and like what I have to do in a few minutes sleep soundly on my bed everyday without bargaining.
  2. Write a best-selling book while I am in Dubai.
  3. Tithe 10%, Invest 20%, and Live with 70%.
  4. Be kinder to everyone around me. Be tough but still kind.
  5. Buy a lot and build my home.
  6. Take responsibility and never disappoint anyone especially myself for procrastinating and losing focus on anything and everything.
  7. Pray to say how grateful I am for all the blessings.
  8. Be courageous and persevere. Be honest and be smart. Never stop learning of the good things.
  9. Love without measurement and judgment.
  10. Breathe.
  1. I had another look at your list of things. I really like everything that you came up with.
    To drink water rather than soft drinks is a very good idea. Also if you can stick to Nr. 3 then you are certainly a very good manager.
    I also find it remarkable that you mention ‘breathe’. I very much agree with this too. It is so important to breathe properly.
    But all the other things that you mention are very good things to follow. I very much think so!
    Keep enjoying your life. I wish you a very happy, well balanced life including writing about things you like to write about.
    Aunty Uta 🙂

    • Dear Aunty Uta,

      Thank you for dropping by to my blog and leaving beautiful words of encouragement. If I am in your age, I hope to have your grace and enthusiasm about life. Take care always and thanks to God for gracing us with your presence.

      Warm regards,


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