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[1: 1,719 of 10,000] Outgrowing

In Article on June 11, 2016 at 8:26 PM

Scandinavian Apartment

My sister and I have been cleaning our apartment this weekend. We’re not moving again but we both feel like we’ve successfully accumulated so many stuffs that are cluttering our small space and we feel that it was time to have a new sense of energy within the house. Last night I went to bed with a different direction, I don’t particularly feel different but change is good.

I still remember the days that we’ve played with our small pots, doing make believe grocery stores, and my sister playing with her house Barbie. Now, we’re adult and we are responsible with ourselves. We need to be committed in paying bills on time, showing up for work, and in this lifetime do what would let us get up in the morning without the use of an alarm clock (I’m watching a lot of Elementary from Netflix – yes I find time to watch t.v. – and that means I am thrilled with work if I don’t need an alarm at all).

We’ve examined our stuffs and some things that seeemed to be worth keeping ages ago suddenly was quite easy to dismiss to either give-away or simply throw. We’ve outgrown quite a lot, we’ve been a lot, and yet life is not over until it is just is. I so wanted to have my own home, with a good place to dry clothes just out of the washing machine, a library, a home office, a good kitchen with island white and grey marble table, a cozy but elegant dining room, a garden, a breathtaking room that opens up to a beach view with waves putting me to sleep and waves humming to wake me up every single morning, a lovely foyer leading to a roomy living room, and lots of guest rooms to accommodate my family and friends who will come to visit me. Right now that I don’t own that home yet, I do hope that I live with the basic, with cautious on not spending on unnecessary stuffs so I can breathe.

We’re not done with the clean up but it’s quite fun! 🙂

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