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[1: 997 of 10,000] Stop Feeding Addiction

In Journal on April 21, 2013 at 12:00 AM

WalkingThey say addiction covers up a pain but in my case it is not really taking an alternative happiness but it is simply my obsession. I must be going kookoo and I need to check in because it halts me from my greatness.

I just need to talk about it and it is probably doesn’t make sense to anyone reading this but I am in a lot of stress because I cannot teach my brain to simply stop. I am hoping setting 2 goals could keep my brain from drifting to oblivion. I better be focusing to (1) finishing a book and (2) move to Australia. I better make it work without doubt and definitely minus all the excuses. Help me God.


  1. I reckon you do right to talk about it. Have you thought about doing something that is stress reducing and helps you to sleep better? It might be something like walking, swimming, yoga, meditation, warm milk with honey before bedtime, some soothing music, whatever works for you to slow down! It’s good to keep your Nr 1 and Nr 2 goal in mind. But you possibly also need to slow down a bit at times and aim for proper sleep.Best wishes, Aunty Uta.

    • Thank you Aunty Uta. I actually don’t have a problem to go to sleep.

      My problem is I deprive myself to sleep and to breathe properly because I am working too hard. I know that I have to strike a balance but I just don’t have that option for now.

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