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[1: 1,342 of 10,000] Why People Lie?

In Article on August 23, 2014 at 8:45 AM

It is fascinating to find different people who also have different opinion about the act itself. Lying is when you make up things that aren’t true; there couldn’t be any blacker or whiter than that definition. I actually met a person who says jazzing things up doesn’t crucially mean lying (say what?!)

I found this quote from Gotti that perfectly explains why people lie, it says –

John Gotti on Lying


He is absolutely right. I am not not guilty of lying but as much as I can I tell the truth because I should not be afraid or try not to screw up in the first place so nothing needs covering up. We lie because usually we don’t want to be humiliated, be in a compromising situation, or to simply rise above with what our ego craves us to be.

Next time we feel like lying, how about we try to –


A clear conscience makes a happy life and it makes us not question the integrity of other people and actually attract honest people like us. I never lied too much in my life that I could still remember all those times that I lied just to get ahead or just to avoid being scolded like a helpless kid, and it’s not comforting, it is better off unloaded and cleared. I am doing my very best that I no longer want to collect more lies to remember.

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