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[1: 979 of 10,000] iPhoning Syndrome

In Article on April 3, 2013 at 12:00 AM

iphone4_whiteI was quite tired a lot lately, restless, or stubborn because I was getting addicted to checking social websites on my iPhone before I go to bed, which is already quite late (12am or even 1ish) after a long day of crucial hectic work. It’s like one of my vices of loving to watch television wherein I am called a couch potato.

What do I love to check anyway?

  1. Instagram – I love double tapping photos and it gets me high with delight for all the creativity, cuteness, and beauty.
  2. Facebook – To get in touch with family and friends.
  3. Twitter – For my dose of quick inspiration.
  4. Yahoo! Mail – Where I receive my subscription from brilliant people like Bo Sanchez.
  5. Gmail – Personal and serious adult (monthly bills, bank statements) stuffs.
  6. Company Email – Where did that come from? I have no life and I sometime cannot help myself to check if there is a new work email – a real sign of a workaholic.

Disclaimer: In case you’re wondering, my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account don’t have the same content. I like to keep their personality distinct and unique. I don’t like it when people post the same thing across all platforms especially if I follow them in all social network sites; I find that unimaginative, lazy, and redundant.

I am training myself to stop this addiction because I needed good rest. So far I am still on track on my New Year’s Resolution that I sleep daily not necessarily the good at least 4 hours everyday but the point is I still sleep, which is comforting.

Photo Source: ARS Technical

  1. I can see you keep yourself pretty busy. I agree it’s good that you can sleep. But do you think four hours is enough long term? Maybe most nights you ought to sleep a few hours more, maybe six hours? How about it?

    • Too busy I reckon. I try to indulge myself for sleep every once in a while, I can go for 6 or 8 on rare occasions 😀

      I know 4 hours in the long run is not a good way to live longer and healthier. I’m doing my very best.

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