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[1: 1,751 of 10,000] Me & My Car Accident

In Article on July 12, 2016 at 8:30 PM


I had a car accident today, it’s not like I see my whole life flashed before my eyes, but I am grateful that I am all right aside from a little bit shaken, nervous, and broke into tears especially when I saw the limited edition Mini Cooper lost its nose.

It was reckless that I wasn’t sleeping really well lately again, I was rushing to finish a task, driving in an unfamiliar road, I was checking on the GPS, I drive fast, I wasn’t thinking quickly, I felt really off today, and there it goes I was ensuring I do not hit the fast moving black car on my left that I chose to crash.

For the first time in my life, I was really wishing I was driving a big car and I should have not gone through the inconvenience of wasting time, having unaccounted expenses, and simply avoided the mishap I had today. Then again, the accident happened simply because I was meant to be more careful or perhaps even wished for it so I can have a little break. I should have pressed the break harder.

It could have been worst but I came back physically unharmed. I still have my complete body parts, except maybe I just have to calm down now.

[1: 1,613 of 10,000] The Car In Front Of Me

In Article on October 8, 2015 at 11:59 PM

Research project Traffic Jam and Queuing Assistant - deactivation signal because of missing road markings (10/2010)

I feel comfort when the car ahead of me is small (I prefer driving easily-parkable-cars like Mini Cooper or Ford Figo) rather than big vehicles but then it causes me anxiety when I’m following a 4×4 or trucks because I wanted to see what the driver exactly in front of me sees.

Was that the control freak inside of me? Don’t I trust the judgment of the man in front of me? Am I mere obsessing to see what’s ahead? Or would I like to be the second eye for my safety and of the cars around me? The answer is a little bit of all.

I could really sense my worry when a big car is in front of me and I couldn’t see what’s going on. I get annoyed when the car ahead hits the break in an instant halt all the time without giving enough room to break smoothly, which then causes me to abruptly stop that causes inconvenience to the car behind me (then domino effect); in a way too it reflects my bad judgment and I don’t like to go there.

With this post alone, I could reflect that I have to go back in relaxing. Not to mind what others think of me as long as I make sure I drive safely for everyone’s benefit. I have to not succumb to road rage. But if there one thing I mutter religiously when the panic starts, “Archangel Michael please keep us all motorists safe and enjoy the journey.”

[1: 1,399 of 10,000] Forgive For You And Not Just For Your Enemy

In Article on February 6, 2015 at 11:09 AM

My monthly period approached once again and I am turning very emotional, as my boss calls it, I am having an episode. I am indeed having an episode, and he seems to be the perfect target of my annoyance. He repeatedly and cutely apologised for snapping due to extreme stress but I can’t bring myself to believe him, he’s a bonafide liar even if he doesn’t admits it, the irony.

FightingThe unaddressed and extremely suppressed anger built up inside me and got me out of focus. I hit somebody. My car was damn all right but mini hitting another BMW didn’t really go so well, I gave that BMW a mini dimple. I feel bad that I decided to go MIA from the office for a whole day. I have been accused for being unprofessional so I thought why don’t I give that accusation some truth and reality.

Yesterday, I finally let go of my anger, or better put, my prayers have been answered that I completely forget why am I mad in the first place, yes the craved selected amnesia kicked in again and just kept the unpleasant flew away.

I also decided to go for fasting. I intend not to eat any solid food for 7 days. I will only drink water or fresh pressed juice (fruit and vegetables). I survived for more than 48 hours and I thought my fats are able to sustain my amazing overweight body. I do pray a lot whenever I feel the headache, the hunger, and falling into my bad fantasies playing over and over in my head. My fasting is also about having clarity on the best way to move forward on life, to be living my dream with gusto, and winning the capital for our family business.

I am blessed that God loves me and provided everything that I need. All I have to do is be loving, forgive me and others, and show up with a smile! I love life!

[1: 1,346 of 10,000] Charlie Changed Me

In Review on September 19, 2014 at 7:31 PM

For the past months, I am going to a motion that I really don’t like. My hired car lift for work gave the greatest headache and annoyance for being absent for a lot of time, so it forced me to finally hurry and get myself a car. It is my first ever car and it is a joint custody with my lil sissy. We got ourselves a pre-owned 2010 Mini Copper 50 Camden special edition!!!


We named it “Charlie” in honour of The Italian Job movie; it’s Mark Wahlberg’s character’s name but we are also thinking about the pretty Charlize and definitely the bad ass performance of the Mini. I love Charlie, my sweetest dearest beloved Baby!

  • It transport me from point A to B.
  • It saves me with its powerful break for so many times.
  • It zooms like a lightning, this kid is not afraid of speed.
  • I love when it roars.
  • The engine is in perfect condition.
  • I feel like a mummy when I got it the first pair of rubber shoes (4 numbers).
  • The sound system is superb and looking really gorgeous.
  • Its cuteness doesn’t scare to get in anywhere and to park in any place.

It’s a special edition and it is quite special for changing my every work days and every non-work related trips. It open my senses whenever I drive. It doesn’t bore me at all. It brings more love and excitement in my life. I am very grateful and really happy. I fought for this car and it was a cash loan worth having for.

Next big purchase is definitely becoming a home owner and building that FAMILY GROUP OF COMPANIES BUSINESS. Woot woot, #life-is-good!